Study Abroad in Germany: Best Consultancy for MS with Admission Guarantee

Looking to pursue a master's degree in Germany? "MS in Germany" is the best study abroad consultancy in India with admission guarantees to public universities. Explore our comprehensive services, free information platform, and trusted partner services to make your dream of studying in Germany a reality. Contact us for a consultation today!

Study Abroad in Germany: Best Consultancy for MS with Admission Guarantee
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Embrace Your German Academic Dreams With "MS in Germany"

Starting an academic journey abroad can be a challenging path, full of twists and turns. "MS in Germany" is a digital platform that can guide you towards your goal of higher education in Germany. We have earned a top 5 Google ranking for both our content and the quality of our services. If you are searching for the best educational consultancy for MS in Germany from India, your search stops here.

The Genesis of "MS in Germany" - The Vision of Uday Yatnalli

The inception of "MS in Germany" was rooted in a personal struggle. When our founder Uday Yatnalli decided to pursue higher studies in Germany in 2014, he was met with a bewildering lack of reliable information. The online and offline resources were not only scarce but also misleading. He had to navigate the labyrinthine process alone, expending considerable time, energy, and money.
Reflecting on his journey, he saw a tapestry woven with trials, errors, and unnecessary steps. It was the lack of clear guidance that led to missteps, such as preparing unneeded documents and applying to unsuitable universities. Once he experienced the German education system first-hand, he was keen on ensuring that no other student had to face similar challenges. He took to the popular online platform Quora, providing guidance and answering queries about studying in Germany. The overwhelming response he received illuminated the vast information vacuum that existed.
What began as a humble blog in 2016, sharing personal experiences and application advice, soon metamorphosed into a comprehensive platform responding to students' needs. With the support of a dynamic and talented team, "MS in Germany" now fulfills end-to-end requirements for aspirants keen on pursuing their MS in Germany.

Our Guiding Light - Core Values

Like a lighthouse guiding ships to safe harbours, our core values illuminate our path at "MS in Germany". Whether it's penning informative blogs or assisting a student's query, our actions echo our commitment to helping you realise your German educational dreams.
  1. Reliable Information - We are committed to providing quality information from credible sources. Our website aims to be the first port of call for all international students aspiring to study in Germany.
  1. Student Convenience - We endeavor to smooth your path towards your dream university and program. Our comprehensive student packages aim to simplify the entire process for you.
  1. Thorough Guidance - We stand by you at each stage of your journey, continuously enriching our database to aid you better. Our dedication and efforts have culminated in us being recognized as the top consultancy for MS in Germany.

How "MS in Germany" Serves You

  • We provide a comprehensive range of services through our Scholar packages. From university shortlisting, document preparation, application processing, to post-admission procedures, we have got you covered. For more information, visit our Admission Packages.
  • We also offer individual services for students seeking assistance in specific areas, such as writing services, application processing, visa guidance, or university shortlisting. Explore our Services for more details.
  • "MS in Germany" is a treasure trove of information, collated from first-hand experiences of students in Germany and official government sources. You can find comprehensive articles covering a wide range of topics to guide you through your German academic journey on our website.
  • We understand that the application process can be daunting and expensive. Hence, we provide free support to students, offering personalized guidance. You can request a callback and get your queries resolved about your application process to universities in Germany.
  • To streamline your journey, we've partnered with organizations that facilitate your application process. From courier services for university applications, opening a blocked account, procuring insurance, transferring money, to learning German – our partners offer these services at discounted rates. Some of the services include:

Our Unique Approach to Your Academic Success

  • At "MS in Germany", we envision building a robust student community and a knowledge base accessible to all. Our articles are meticulously reviewed by experts for their credibility and authenticity. Our goal is to create a portal that supports you not only during your application process but also assists you in securing internships and full-time jobs in Germany.
  • Our primary focus is on you! Every process and system at "MS in Germany" is tailored to offer you the best value for the time you spend on our website. Each visit to our website should empower you with a new piece of information, aiding your successful application to study in Germany.
  • Our team of dedicated experts is committed to enhancing your master's experience in Germany. Loyal to our core values, we strive to offer you an unparalleled experience. Our consultancy for MS in Germany aims at delivering high-quality services throughout your application process.
For a more comprehensive understanding of our journey and mission, visit About MS In Germany.
Embark on your German academic journey with us, and let "MS in Germany" be your guiding star. Your dreams deserve the best, and we're here to ensure they come true!

Standout Features of "MS in Germany"

"MS in Germany" is not your ordinary study abroad consultant. We stand proudly on a pedestal of unique selling propositions (USPs) that set us apart in the industry. Here's why we are your best bet for a successful academic journey in Germany:
  • Digital Advantage: Our services are not limited by geography. Through our online consultation, we provide students across India with easy access to expert guidance without leaving the comfort of their homes.
  • Focused Expertise: Unlike others, we specialize solely in guiding students to secure admission in public universities in Germany. This singular focus lends us an in-depth understanding of the German education landscape.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Our state-of-the-art student dashboard allows students to monitor their application status and progress in real-time, fostering transparency and assurance.
  • Proven Track Record: Don't just take our word for it. Our success stories and accomplishments are readily visible on our Instagram page, showcasing the smiles we've helped create.
  • Guaranteed Admissions: Our confidence in our services reflects in our promise. We provide an admission guarantee to public universities in Germany, subject to the student's eligibility, of course.
  • End-to-End Document Preparation: The process of applying abroad can be daunting with myriad documents to prepare. We make it easy for you by preparing SOPs, LORs, LOMs, and CVs from scratch, tailored to highlight your strengths and ambitions.
By choosing "MS in Germany," you're not just opting for a study abroad consultancy; you're selecting a partner dedicated to transforming your dream of studying in Germany into a reality!

MS in Germany Vs Other Consultancies

MS in Germany
Other Consultancies
Online Consultation
Specialization in Public German Universities
Real-Time Progress Tracking Dashboard
Admission Guarantee (T&C apply)
Comprehensive Document Preparation
Success Stories (Instagram, Youtube, Google Map reviews)

All the Services Offered by MS in Germany

Services Offered by "MS in Germany"
University Shortlisting
We help you identify the right German public universities based on your academic profile and career aspirations.
Document Preparation
Our experts prepare all necessary documents, including SOPs, LORs, LOMs, and CVs, tailored to highlight your strengths.
Application Processing
We handle the entire application process, saving you the hassle and ensuring everything is submitted correctly and on time.
Post-Admission Assistance
Our support continues even after you secure admission, assisting with visa guidance, accommodation, and more.
Individual Services
Need help with just one aspect of your application? We offer individual services for university shortlisting, document preparation, visa guidance, and more.
Free Information Platform
Our website is a treasure trove of first-hand information from students in Germany and official Government sources, guiding you at every step.
Partnered Services
We work with trusted partners to offer you discounted rates on services like courier, insurance, money transfer, and German language lessons.


1. What is MS in Germany and what services do they offer?
MS in Germany is a study abroad consultancy that provides comprehensive services for students aspiring to study in public universities in Germany. These services include university shortlisting, document preparation (including SOPs, LORs, LOMs, and CVs), application processing, and post-admission assistance. They also offer individual services for specific needs.
2. Does MS in Germany provide online consultations?
Yes, MS in Germany offers online consultations, making it easy for students across India to access expert guidance without leaving their homes.
3. Does MS in Germany guarantee admission to German universities?
MS in Germany does provide an admission guarantee to public universities in Germany, subject to the student's eligibility. This reflects their confidence in their services and expertise.
4. How can I track my application progress with MS in Germany?
MS in Germany features a state-of-the-art student dashboard, which allows students to monitor their application status and progress in real-time.
5. Can MS in Germany help with document preparation for the application process?
Absolutely. MS in Germany takes charge of preparing all necessary documents from scratch, including SOPs, LORs, LOMs, and CVs, tailored to highlight your strengths and ambitions.
6. Where can I find success stories of students who used MS in Germany's services?
You can find numerous success stories and testimonials on the MS in Germany Instagram page, showcasing the many students they've assisted in achieving their dream of studying in Germany.
7. Does MS in Germany specialize in any particular country or university?
Yes, MS in Germany operates exclusively to help students secure admission in public universities in Germany. This singular focus gives them a deep understanding of the German education landscape.

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MS in Germany
MS in Germany

Your trusted consultancy for pursuing higher education in top German Public Universities.

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